Renewable energy in schools

I was driving past a high school in Ontario this summer and noticed that it was covered I solar panels. My first thought was “AWESOME!” and my next thought was “how’d they do that?”.



In fact, I was surprised to see these panels on a school but not surprised to see renewable energy being exploited in this area of Ontario. In fact, when driving down the 401 highway you can see a field full of solar panels. Also, near where my parents live, in North Dundas county, there are about a dozen wind turbines working in the middle of farmers fields.
I think it is great that schools may be seeing the benefits of using renewable energy and may be taking advantage of them. It sets an excellent example for students as well as the entire community. But I had to wonder, where did the money come from? And how is the energy being used in the school?
So I Googled it.
Turns out that three schools got a grant from the Ministey of Education in Ontario too pay for the solar panels and their installation, including St-Michael Catholic Catholic High School, the school I noticed in Kemptville. Also, I learned that the school itself is not using the energy created, but is selling it and is generating income for the schools.

Pretty neat! Now I only need to find out how that’s working out and how I can get this for my school!


One thought on “Renewable energy in schools

  1. It sure would be great if the provincials and federal government would get more involved in projects like that!
    And what a great way for a school to be raising money, a green way!


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