4 Simple Ways Kids Can Learn About Plants in the Classroom

I’m teaching science this year for the first time EVER! It is my thirteenth year teaching, and although I’ve taught many science concepts through language arts and math curriculum, I have never been the science subject teacher. Not only is it my first year, I am teaching it to two groups, in two different grades:Continue reading “4 Simple Ways Kids Can Learn About Plants in the Classroom”

10 Money Saving Tips for an Eco Friendly Back to School

Back to School season is just around the corner, and as all teachers know, this means the wheels in our heads have been turning, thinking about classroom decor, organization and themes we want to use with our kiddos for the upcoming school year since the second week of summer holidays. Here are ten terrific tipsContinue reading “10 Money Saving Tips for an Eco Friendly Back to School”

7 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Craft and Gift Ideas

  With Valentine’s Day around the corner, there are LOTS of ideas for crafts and gifts that can be made so that kids can show their love for their friends and family members. Being someone who tries to be as green as possible, I went on the hunt for gifts and decorations that students can makeContinue reading “7 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Craft and Gift Ideas”

Welcome to my classroom

Several factors influenced my classroom decor and layout decisions when I moved back to second grade this year.  I had to think about functionality, practicality and age-appropriateness.  I want for my students to be able to collaborate and help each other in their learning. I want for my students to learn to be organized and becauseContinue reading “Welcome to my classroom”

Simple Eco-friendly Field Trip Organizing

The school year has begun, and so has planning for field trips! In the past, when organizing a field trip, I would draft a consent form. I would include details about the trip and its purpose, as well as a section at the bottom that parents could cut and return to school (hopefully) in aContinue reading “Simple Eco-friendly Field Trip Organizing”

Teaching Kids about Gardening

  This summer my daughter and I have started gardening together. We chose some plants together, we got her some gardening gloves and she used money from her piggy bank to buy herself her own gardening tools. This year she has learned that when seeds are combined with soil, water, sun and TLC they turnContinue reading “Teaching Kids about Gardening”

Green School Project

We have finally done it. At school, we have finally launched our Green Project. There are so many components to the Green School Project, including fundraising projects and changing the school community’s habits that I think I just have to summarize what has been done so far and how that’s going. So far we haveContinue reading “Green School Project”

Using videos to empower students in the classroom

Hi all! Happy New Year! This is just going to be a super quick post about a scope I did last weekend. (You can catch that by clicking on the My Scopes tab in the above menu). As a teacher, I think my primary role is to help students reach their fullest potential. However, IContinue reading “Using videos to empower students in the classroom”

Communicating with Parents

In the last few years, I have tried different ways of getting in touch with parents. I have tried traditional means, using things such as calendars, weekly newsletters and messages in student agendas. Although these ways of communicating are efficient at getting news home, it is time consuming and uses a lot of paper. AnyoneContinue reading “Communicating with Parents”

Renewable energy in schools

I was driving past a high school in Ontario this summer and noticed that it was covered I solar panels. My first thought was “AWESOME!” and my next thought was “how’d they do that?”.     In fact, I was surprised to see these panels on a school but not surprised to see renewable energyContinue reading “Renewable energy in schools”