Welcome to my classroom

Several factors influenced my classroom decor and layout decisions when I moved back to second grade this year. 

I had to think about functionality, practicality and age-appropriateness. 

I want for my students to be able to collaborate and help each other in their learning. I want for my students to learn to be organized and because of the experiences I’ve had, I do not believe this can be achieved with closed desks at this age. I believe that students learn organization and responsibility from having it modelled and set up for them to succeed. 

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I wanted to integrate flexible seating and make different work positions available to suit student needs. 

For interesting articles and blogs about flexible seating, check out these links:

Top Dog Teaching Starbucks Classroom
Amy W Harris (Special Ed Teacher) Flexible Seating 

Finally, I also believe in bringing nature and green thinking into the classroom. 

There are several studies that have been conducted that show that the more natural light we use and the more we maximize it, the more academic success students will have. (Click here for ideas and statistics). 

There are also studies that describe how getting nature into your life reduces stress and improves health. (Check out the book Vitamin N by Richard Louv). 
I hope you’ve enjoyed the small tour of my classroom. Please get in touch if you have any questions or comments. 

6 thoughts on “Welcome to my classroom

  1. My son had Miss Chantal as a grade 2 teacher 4 years ago now and whoever is lucky enough to have their child in her classroom will be SO lucky! Caring, organized, creative and really understands your child from their point of you! The best! 🙂

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  2. My son was fortunate enough to have Miss. Chantal as his kindergarten teacher 7 years ago. To say that I was truly amazed with her is an understatement! She brought my then introverted child out of his shell and helped him learn not only academically but emotionally as well. Now my son is in grade 7 and we are fortunate enough to now have a 5 year old autistic child in our lives. When I see my son sitting with this little boy and how patient he is with him I know it is because of what he learned from Miss Chantal! I hope that parents realize how very fortunate they are to have their children taught by her!


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