Teaching Kids about Gardening

  This summer my daughter and I have started gardening together. We chose some plants together, we got her some gardening gloves and she used money from her piggy bank to buy herself her own gardening tools. This year she has learned that when seeds are combined with soil, water, sun and TLC they turnContinue reading “Teaching Kids about Gardening”

End of the Year Reflection: Top 3 Wins and Losses

I wrapped up my school year nearly a month ago. The school year flew by and I am finally taking the time to reflect on what worked well and what didn’t work so well for me this year (and I don’t mean things I have no control over, like not enough snow days or makingContinue reading “End of the Year Reflection: Top 3 Wins and Losses”

Green School Project

We have finally done it. At school, we have finally launched our Green Project. There are so many components to the Green School Project, including fundraising projects and changing the school community’s habits that I think I just have to summarize what has been done so far and how that’s going. So far we haveContinue reading “Green School Project”

Differentiated seating, public speaking and a caring classroom atmosphere

    I am officially on spring break. This means that in between working on my report cards and taking care of my family, I finally have time to sit down and do some blogging! I am going to take advantage of this time to finally fill you in on something I did last fall.Continue reading “Differentiated seating, public speaking and a caring classroom atmosphere”

Periscope Professional Development

Unless you’ve been living in a submarine for the last year, you know that when people talk about seeing something on Periscope, they are not referring to the scope marines use to see what is happening above water. Periscope is a free app that is linked to Twitter, which allows people to stream live footageContinue reading “Periscope Professional Development”

5 Key Points: Math Beyond the Common Core

Last summer I attended a conference given by the LCEEQ about teaching math. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it? A two day conference in the middle of the summer about teaching math? Fortunately, the LCEEQ made it easy to decide to attend this conference. It took place in Manoir St-Sauveur, a luxury hotel in the middle ofContinue reading “5 Key Points: Math Beyond the Common Core”

Using videos to empower students in the classroom

Hi all! Happy New Year! This is just going to be a super quick post about a scope I did last weekend. (You can catch that by clicking on the My Scopes tab in the above menu). As a teacher, I think my primary role is to help students reach their fullest potential. However, IContinue reading “Using videos to empower students in the classroom”

Making connections: Learning math using concrete examples

Like in most classroom these days, in my classroom I have students of varying needs and abilities. This means that I need to plan my lessons and find ways to motivate and engage everyone, as well as reach the greatest number of students, in order to have the majority of my students understand the conceptsContinue reading “Making connections: Learning math using concrete examples”

Journal writing with a purpose

I absolutely love doing journal writing with my students. I do journal writing for several reasons. The first is because my students and I get to know each other well and it helps us build a relationship. Students can express their thoughts and opinions without being interrupted. They enjoy communicating directly with me and IContinue reading “Journal writing with a purpose”

Engaging students with the Plickers app

  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Plickers, it is an app that allows teachers to project multiple choice questions on their Smartboards through a live feed and for students to answer the questions them by holding up their Plickers card, a QR code card, upright in the position that represents theirContinue reading “Engaging students with the Plickers app”