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Periscope PD in your Pyjamas

Unless you’ve been living in a submarine for the last year, you know that when people talk about seeing something on Periscope, they are not referring to the scope marines use to see what is happening above water.

Periscope is a free app that is linked to Twitter, which allows people to stream live footage with their smartphones and tablets (iPads, etc.). Viewers and followers can see what the person who is scoping sees. Basically, as their slogan says, “Periscope lets you explore the world through the eyes of somebody else.” With Periscope, you can watch live as people explore different cities, you can watch current events unfold from the other end of the world and you can chat with a mom who is hiding in her bathroom to have a minute to share a thought with some viewers as her children pound on the door repeatedly asking “What are you doing mommy?”

Periscope is also the source for a lot of free Teacher PD. Many teachers share their expertise on Periscope. There are teachers who scope with tips for special education, literacy instruction, math instruction, staying positive in the classroom, getting and staying organized, classroom management, and the list goes on. The best part about using this app for Teacher PD is that you can ask the scoper (the person streaming on Periscope) questions as they share. Followers and viewers can type questions into the text box and get an immediate response to their questions and comments.

What are my top 3 reasons for loving Periscope?

  • Periscope gives you direct access to very knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers.

I have learned so much since joining the Periscope community last fall. Every year I go to different PD sessions which cost hundreds of dollars to improve my teaching strategies, classroom management skills and to find different ways of engaging and motivating my students. Since I started following different teachers on Periscope I have had the chance to peek into other teachers’ classrooms, find out what is working in different situations and to ask questions about what they are doing.

Through Periscope I have also come to know other teachers quite well. I have built a network and have begun to collaborate with teachers from around the world.

  • Periscope allows teachers to use their voices.

I went to a conference last week about embracing diversity and supporting equity. The keynote speaker, Dr. Russell Quiglia, and his colleague Dr. Lisa Lande discussed engagement and the importance of having aspirations.

Learn more about Dr. Quiglia and the Quiglia Institute for Student Aspirations here.

Learn more Dr. Lisa Lande’s and Teacher Voice and Aspirations by clicking here.

Dr. Lande stressed the importance of the use of Teacher Voice in her session. Her studies showed that “teachers who are comfortable expressing their honest opinions and concerns are 4 times more likely to be excited about their future career in education.” She also shared that “they are also 3 times more likely to encourage students to be leaders and make decisions”. (Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations).

I am not always comfortable sharing my ideas and thoughts in the school setting. I believe this is the case for many teachers. Unfortunately, the school climate isn’t always ideal for sharing and communication of honest opinions and concerns. However, I have found that Periscope has been a great outlet for me. I am able to share my ideas, my passions and enthusiasm for projects I’m working on with a community of like-minded people, who don’t necessarily agree with everything we all say and share, but that is supportive and encouraging nonetheless.

  • Periscope makes me more purposeful in my teaching and serves as a reflection journal.

When I was in university, my practicum supervisor made me write about what I did every day and reflect on how effective my lessons were, how engaged the students were and on how to improve my lessons for the next time. Periscope allows me to do this too. Knowing that I will be scoping about what I am doing in the classroom, I have to plan what I’m going to share. I have to get to the point, decide on what worked well to share those strategies with my followers. On the flip side, I have also scoped about an activity that didn’t work and asked for advice and opinions from my followers and viewers. Whether I am sharing the good or the bad, I am sharing what I learned and I am continuing to grow.

Who should you follow for Teacher PD on Periscope?

  • General PD:

@iteachtvnetwork: This account is used by many teachers who are each specialized in different areas of education. These nightly scopes are short and sweet and provide concrete tips and strategies to improve your teaching.

  • Teaching with Technology:

@teachingwithappitude: Kami Butterfield, the person behind this handle, shares different apps that can be used in the classroom to help with instruction. She is a warm, funny and entertaining scoper.

@msidealistic: Ashley Windsor is very knowledgeable about anything internet and web based student learning. She also knows a lot about design and making things visually appealing.

  • Teacher Well-Being:

@amyadapts: Amy Harris shares strategies that she uses for teaching her special education students, from alternative seating to different ways of using washi tape to help organize students. As an added bonus, Amy is also all about wellbeing. She shares nutrition and exercise tips and encourages teachers to take care of themselves.

  • Literacy:

@hellojenjones. Jen Jones is a literacy expert. She has great ideas and suggestions to help our students become better readers and writers.

@amandawritenow, Amanda Werner’s specialty is writing. She has great ideas about activities to teach writing, with the help of Google apps.

  • Math:

@MrsAOlson: Angie has her masters in teaching math and scopes about teaching math strategies.

  • STEM and Gifted and Talented Students:

@BrookeBrown Brooke has amazing learning center ideas and great STEM activity ideas to share.

  • Green Ideas:

@chantalteacher: That’s me! I scope about all kinds of topics, from teaching math, to language arts, art, classroom management and organization, but my favorite topic to scope about are ways to go green and to help our students become more environmentally conscious, eco-literate and to help them become global citizens.

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I am fortunate to say that I have gotten to know most of these scopers personally, because they are so approachable, easy to talk to and open to helping teachers become better teachers.

So don’t wait! Follow these people and start sharing your own thoughts, ideas and knowledge. Use your teacher voices!!


If you want to catch up on some scopes that I have done, you can find me at



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  1. I’m a homeschooling mom and recently discovered some of the scopers you mentioned. I will add the others on your list. Thanks for the recommendations!


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