Engaging students with the Plickers app


For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Plickers, it is an app that allows teachers to project multiple choice questions on their Smartboards through a live feed and for students to answer the questions them by holding up their Plickers card, a QR code card, upright in the position that represents their answers for their teachers to scan with the app on an iPhone or iPad.
Are you confused?
That’s okay.
Here’s what a Plickers card looks like.
In my class, I have written each student’s name on their cards and have had my students color code the possible responses.
In order to prevent students from losing their cards, I have made simple tuck in pockets inside students’ desks to ensure that the cards all have a safe place to land. I just took a strip of construction paper and taped in on three sides to slide the Plickers cards into.
When I start using Plickers with a new group of students, I initiate them by asking general questions, such as “What is your favorite colors? Favorite seasons? Favorite school subject?”, etc.
I project the questions and the possible answers on the Smartboard for all students to see, with the Live Feed view. For the purpose of the exercise, I choose the option to display student names and their responses on the screen. Students practice holding up their cards and holding them in the right direction.
With the teacher’s device (my iPad or iPhone), I could see which cards had been scanned, as well as the answers they provided.
Meanwhile, on the Live Feed screen on the Smartboard, students can verify if their card has been scanned properly and if the response matches what they intended to display.
Now that students are familiar with Plickers, I use it to have students inform me of their Daily 5 choices, to do anonymous (to students) class surveys about the amount of time they studied for a test and I can quiz my students on any topic or concept that I choose to get immediate feedback of their understanding.
Plickers keeps a log (archive) of answers that were provided so I can check the answers in the future for reporting purposes.
I can also keep different folders for different groups containing different questions. It is really simple and quick to use.


Students love using Plickers. They like that everyone has a voice and can share their opinions and their answers with the group.
Plickers also provides an anonymous way of providing answers and prevents students from influencing each other’s responses (no more students looking around the classroom to see who has their hand up before deciding whether or not to raise his or her hand up as well).
I especially like that now I can be spontaneous in asking student questions because they are organized and always have their Plickers cards handy!
Try using Plickers if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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