Update on the birds

I learned, this week, that finches are very sensitive about moving.

Before March Break, there was only one of six eggs left to hatch. Five baby finches were born in the classroom in the presence of my students. They loved it. They ran in every recess to check on them and see how they were doing.

Four baby finches

During March Break, the heating in my school is turned off. I had to move my birds, my fish and my plants to a warmer temporary home for the week.

Unfortunately, my mama and papa birds decided that they did not like the move and they stopped taking care of their babies. Despite my best efforts of trying to keep the babies warm and to feed them, they all died two days after bringing them home.

I will be bringing the birds back to school tomorrow. Today I found a new egg in the bottom of the cage. Not all is lost. The parents have moved on and I don’t plan on moving them again until the end of the school year, so the next batch of babies should be alright.

My students will be able to compare their observations from the last set of babies to the next. It will be interesting to see how this will go.

More to come!

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